Translation Quality Control

From the day we receive your source files to the day we deliver the completed translation, TDN’s quality control procedures go throughout the below translation process.

Translator Selection:

The most important factor of translation quality is the expertise of the translators. Translators must understand the subject matter they are translating at least as well as the audience the documents target. In addition to their subject matter expertise, our translators must have over 5-years working as professional translators.

At TDN, we hold tight to the principle:

If you do not understand it, you cannot translate it.

Translation technology:

Using the most advanced Translation Memory (TM) tools such as Trados Studio, Star Transit, MemoQ, Memsource, SDL Termbase … the same phrases are translated identically and the terminology is used consistently even if different translators work on different parts of the document. TM tools also decrease translation time, giving you faster turnaround and lower costs.

Our editing process:

To minimize the chances of an error or omission in language or information, TDN requires that three linguists look at all content from beginning to end: translator, editor and proofreader. Each must be a professional translator, a native speaker of the target language, and meets the expertise requirements.

Translation Project Management:

TDN assigns a dedicated Project Manager as the single point of contact for each client. Our Project Managers always take the time to understand your technical requirements, writing style and communication strategy.

The Project Managers may ask for your comments or support at different stages of the translation process when they think it will be helpful for the translation quality.

To learn more about our Translation Quality Management System, please contact us via to receive the instant response from our project management team.