Frequently Asked Questions for TDN Translation’s Services

How do I work with TDN?

Our working process can be detailed in several simple steps:

  1. Send us your enquiry or job request via and the source texts to be translated if available. 
  2. Receive a translation quote and turnaround time from a TDN project manager.
  3. Negotiate and confirm the quote/deadline.
  4. Receive the final translated texts and invoice on the confirmed deadline.


  • Our project managers are always available to take your request and answer your questions anytime.
  • Our project managers will assist you through every phase of your translation project, serving as the liaison between you and the rest of our translation team and keeping track of the progress of your translation. They also follow up and follow through with you after the project has been completed and assist you with any future translation needs that might arise.


How do you charge for my translation?

The price of each translation request depends on many factors, including the type of source document (website, software, personal correspondence, legal papers, technical manual, financial report, medical documents …), the volume of the text to be translated, which languages you need your documents translated into or from.

Because each project is unique, the easiest way to determine the cost of your translation project is to contact us via and allow one of our project managers to go over your project, make an estimate and get back to you personally!


How do I pay the translation fee?

With a large portfolio of clients throughout worldwide, we can accept many payment methods such as:

Wire Transfer: You can make the payment by bank transfer.

PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill : Famous and trusted international payment systems, they are also the most popular payment methods for TDN’s international clients currently.

Cash: You can pay cash directly at our office. 

Regular Payment Terms: 15-30 days Net after the delivery or invoice date, an advance payment in full or partial may be requested in some cases.

Please choose the most convenient payment method for you or contact us at if you have any more enquiries.


How do you ensure the translation quality?

We understand that the translation quality is the most important factor for both our and the client’s success, so our team strictly and consistently follow a standard translation process to ensure the best quality possible for every project.

Please click HERE to see how TDN controls the translation quality for your project or contact us at for any more enquiry. 


How do you keep my information confidential?

All information is held strictly confidential, whether related to translation or interpreting projects. TDN translators and interpreters abide by the Translators’ Professional Code of Ethics set by professional translator associations around the world.
We have signed a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement with all of our translators, interpreters and other related staff as well.

These ensure full confidentiality and non-disclosure of all information, we are also willing to sign an NDA with you if and when requested, so you can be assured that your important information is kept confidential all time at TDN.