Carmen Tan | A Native Translation

We have used TDN translation services for some time, and recently for transcription and consecutive interpreting services. We are happy with their work quality. TDN is our preferred service provider for the target Vietnamese language. For the consecutive interpreting, I am impressed by the interpreter’s good command of the English language. The project management team is very responsive. A good support team for us.

Carmen Tan – Project mangager – A Native Translation


Harmut Nieman | Compact

Working with your company and it’s committed staff was a great experience. The job was not easy at all and had it’s special challenges – you met all of them. For sure we will try to continue our cooperation

HartmutNieman – Owner – Compact Translation


Eddy Chen | SDL

Thanks for contacting us. The recent projects were well done. The translations were delivered on time without any quality concerns. We are quite happy with the results by far.

Eddy Chen – Resource manager – SDL


Kim Jeong-ho | Pantransnet

We’ve worked for very tight and hard job together, and we’ve never been upset a bit. TDN is the best!!

Kim Jeong-ho – Project manager – Pantransnet


Nguyen Duc Nha | Techcombank

Dear TDN,

It’s been a while since the phase 1 of our ongoing project, hope you are doing good!

We had a meeting between project team this week to review your acceptance of the phase 1 and very happy to inform you that your quality of work is excellent. We would like to move forward with you for the second phase which including more works. Please be prepared and get ready for the meeting within this week with us. Thank you and your dream team for your effort. Great job!

PS: we are considering to have the frame contract of the interpreter services with your company from now and on.

Nguyen Duc Nha | Acting Manager – Marketing Procurement Dept. | Techcombank


Grace McKeon | G2local

TDN was great! We think highly of them…….definitely recommend them to others.

Grace McKeon – President – G2local


Julia Giraudo | Keylingo

Hi Nguyen,
We were very happy with your work, thank you!! And the DTP looked great too.

Julia Giraudo | Project manager | Keylingo | USA 


Mike Newby | Morgan Stanley

Thank you Mr Thi – and for such a swift turnaround.  I think you did a good job, it really is appreciated by us.

Mike Newby  | Executive Director Morgan Stanley | Legal and Compliance Dept.

Pierre-Antoine de Saint-Hilaire | TradAction Int’l

Great service. Great quality. Reliable and on time. A keeper.
Pierre-Antoine de Saint-Hilaire | Project Manager  | TradAction Int’l.