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Across Introduction

The Distinctive Quality of Across

Translation projects often involve numerous persons, e.g. various departments that request translations, project managers, language service providers, internal and external translators, and reviewers in the international subsidiaries. This can make it quite difficult to keep track and maintain a high text quality. With its numerous quality management, automation, and workflow control functions, the Across Language Server ensures secure, seamless translation processes.

Project Management

Whatever the size of the enterprise — the Across Language Server offers professional translation management throughout the supply chain. In this way, the overhead caused by complex tasks in the translation process can be reduced considerably. Regardless of the source text format, all parties involved work on a central platform. Thus, editors and translators can access the same consistent data, and customers can assign projects and track the work progress in a transparent manner. You can easily connect the Across Language Servers of your language service providers or international subsidiaries to your own system.


By means of defined workflows, you can map your individual translation processes to the system. The automation of process steps relieves project managers of the bulk of repetitive tasks. All steps that can be logically mapped and standardized can be automated. For example, the system can assign translation tasks according to the type of document, size, target language, due date, and availability of translators, and the work can be continually monitored for compliance with the deadline. This reduces error sources and ensures more efficient process modeling, especially if the translation volume is large. Further process automation is possible by way of interfaces to interacting systems.

Quality Assurance

The Across Language Server offers functions that help you avoid inconsistencies—even if you are not familiar with the target language. Additionally, standard-compliant release steps can be defined for maximum translation quality.

Proofreading translations in the target country is an important but laborious quality assurance measure. The reviewer might be a product specialist at the local subsidiary, a language service provider, or a freelance translator. To consolidate the various core competencies, Across offers tools for the seamless, transparent implementation of location-independent review processes. Under consideration of their (linguistic) competencies, the persons involved can be granted individual commenting or editing rights. The uniform review process reduces correction times and helps translators avoid similar mistakes in the future.

Project Overview

In the Project Management Cockpit, you can streamline your translation management with expanded, customizable functions. You are provided with detailed information on your translation projects, and all changes and comments in the project history can be tracked transparently. If necessary, process-relevant indicators can be presented as dashlets in the Across Dashboard, the start page. For example, you can have your unfinished tasks or upcoming deadlines displayed. On the Dashboard, you can also implement direct links to Across functions, websites, file folders, or programs in the form of dashlets.


Optional Additional Components


If necessary, the project management and the integration of your translators and reviewers can take place via the web. To do this, individual team members do not need their own Across installation, but can work on the respective Across Language Server using their web browsers.

Across Data Cube

The additional component Across Data Cube facilitates the extraction of project-related indicators directly from MS Excel. Thanks to the applied business intelligence methods, both retrospective reports and current status information can be provided. For example, you can analyze your translation costs over time or the growth of the translation volume of a certain language and have these data displayed in clearly structured charts. Moreover, various data relevant to your supplier ratings, such as the costs per match range or late deliveries, assist you in the project management and form a comprehensive basis for decisions.

Across Language Portal

In large organizations, the functionality of the Across Language Server can be made available to an unlimited number of users from different departments with the help of the optional portal solution. As a web-based frontend, the Across Language Portal enables operations such as the structured transfer of translation tasks and data to the company’s central translation management unit. In the portal, users can check the status of their tasks at all times and retrieve finished translations.

On the Across Language Server, which serves as the backend, the translation tasks commissioned via the portal flow directly into the respective workflows, where the responsible department can seamlessly delegate them to language service providers or translators. Using the Across Language Portal, lean translation processes can be realized even in large organizations.


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