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Multilingual Desktop Publishing

Photoshop Translation and Multilingual Desktop Publishing

TDN is a Vietnam based professional translation team specialized in providing high quality Vietnamese and Asian language translation, localization and interpreting services as well as transcription and desktop publishing services for international translation agencies and clients worldwide. We are proud to have successfully completed millions of words per year since our establishment in 2005.

Desktop publishing projects frequently have graphic assets, including bitmapped photo images, which include text which must be localized. Photoshop is the most popular software for manipulating complex, bitmapped graphics.

Photoshop files are capable of storing several types of information, including text layers. Text in Photoshop files frequently needs to be translated and localized for document translation projects. Text layers in graphics editable with Photoshop may be found in document assets like:

  • Maps
  • Diagrams
  • Hotel venue diagrams
  • Logos in marketing materials

TDN desktop publishing specialists can manipulate logos and text layers in your Photoshop files to achieve optimal results in document translation projects. Our staff has intense expertise in working with embedded fonts, text paths and other complex issues related to Photoshop files.

Best practices to optimize your Photoshop files for translation

  • The main best practice for managing your Photoshop assets it to make sure to always save the original, source .PSD files for translation projects. Photoshop source .PSD files have accessible, editable text layers, allowing your translation services company to translate and manipulate text within photo images.
  • If derivative files (e.g. JPEG or GIF) are the only ones available, replacing source English text with translated and localized text can be considerably more expensive than manipulating text layers in Photoshop.
  • If a photo image (with text) is also going to be used in Arabic, or another bidirectional language with a face or object in "profile," an alternate photo facing the other way should be taken to accommodate eye movement in non-western languages.

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