Vietnamese Culture and Language

23rd January 2009

Vietnamese and Western Wedding Ceremonies

All over the world, wedding are governed by an endless list of customs and superstitions. TDN Translation examines some of the intriguing tradition associated with Western […]
23rd January 2009

The Beauty of Vietnamese Conical Hat or Non La

Take a peasant’s common conical hat, add a touch of this and a little of that, and you will have the idea, but not quite an […]
23rd January 2009

8 Unique Vietnamese Traditional Musical Instruments

Vietnam has the priceless treasure of traditional musical instruments which has been established and enriched for thousands of years. Through Vietnamese musical instruments, feelings and wishes […]
17th September 2012
Vietnamese alphabet and pronunciation

Vietnamese Language

Vietnamese (tiê?ng viê?t / ??) Vietnamese is an Austroasiatic language spoken by about 82 million people mainly in Vietnam. There are also Vietnamese speakers in the […]