30th November 2008

Not All Language is Spoken

Most of us communicate without ever saying a word. Some of us speak with our hands, or with touch. Almost all the communication we encounter in our everyday […]
27th May 2019

How Many Languages Can One Person Speak?

Being able to speak more than one language fluently is an impressive skill – but how about those that can speak in lots of different languages […]
17th September 2019

How Translation Can Help Non-Native Students

In the past, translation was believed to inhibit non-native students as they learned a new language. In fact, translation in the classroom was virtually nonexistent. English […]
3rd October 2019

10 interesting facts on translation and translators

Every year on September 30, we celebrate International Translation Day. Why on that date? Because it coincides with the Feast of St. Jerome, who was one of the first […]