29th May 2009

12 Halloween-Like Traditions From Around the World

Although most Americans spend Halloween dressing up and trick-or-treating, other countries have their own celebratory rituals. Here are 12 Halloween (and Halloween-like) traditions from around the […]
27th May 2019

How Many Languages Can One Person Speak?

Being able to speak more than one language fluently is an impressive skill – but how about those that can speak in lots of different languages […]
20th August 2019

Animals can Talk – Just not with Words

Dog owners will tell you that they know exactly what their beloved pet is trying to communicate to them. And cat owners will tell you what […]
17th September 2019

How Translation Can Help Non-Native Students

In the past, translation was believed to inhibit non-native students as they learned a new language. In fact, translation in the classroom was virtually nonexistent. English […]