7th October 2009

Trados Studio 2019 review

SDL, the company behind Trados Studio, recently published the latest offspring: Trados Studio 2019. What does Trados Studio 2019 have to offer and is it worth […]
22nd October 2009

How to transfer SDL Trados Studio to a new computer

*Before you start with the Studio installation, make sure you have MS Word installed on your computer. 1. Download and install Studio on your new computer […]
22nd October 2009

SDL Trados Studio 2019: Avoiding Featuritis

SDL Trados Studio 2019 has just been released and I’m delighted to announce that it’s not full of new features! Most improvements focus on refining existing […]
30th August 2016

What’s New in Studio 2015?

Studio 2015 SR2 Enhanced Termbase Settings UI To accommodate the possibilities offered by the new Terminology Provider API, the Termbase Settings user interface in the project […]